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Amber, 21

I'm far from perfect and perfectly happy that way, I strive for success not fame and find beauty in the most simplest of things.


It has come to my attention more recently people will do what they can to cause drama, whether that’s spreading rumours, informing someone of what someone else has said or taking something and twisting it to become something completely different.

This is very much the case with Carrie, I’ve witnessed it happening more than once, she’ll say something & someone will twist it so it appears she is saying something else, then everyone will follow what they’ve said, I say this so often but people are shadows of negativity, they’d rather believe a negative lie, rather than a positive truth. Carrie has at no stage said “If you don’t say no, it’s your fault you are abused” equally she has never said “If you say no & are abused it’s still your fault” What she quite clearly meant is, if you’re in a situation where you are about to engage with someone sexually & don’t want to do it or have changed your mind, you should tell the person that, that is the case & hopefully they will have the common decency to stop, if you don’t tell them no there is less chance of them stopping, she is encouraging you to speak up & tell the person no rather than feeling like you shouldn’t/can’t say no.

As someone who feels incredible passionate about sexual abuse, stopping people from victim blame & also as someone who has experience in sexual abuse (not as a receiver, but I’d rather not talk about other people’s business online.) I never once picked up on victim blaming, the second time I then watched it looking for a victim blaming statement & I am yet to see it, Carrie is not victim blaming & it is ridiculous for anyone to claim she is.





"doctor who is a really serious show"

What if the coins you find randomly at the bottom of drawers and in between couch cushions are actually from spiders trying to pay rent?